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Terms for 2018

First term          17/01/2018    -   28/03/2018

Second term    10/04/2018   -   22/06/2018

Third term        17/07/2018    -   28/09/2018

Fourth term     09/10/2018   -   12/12/2018

Welcome to Graeme College

Graeme College, founded in 1873, caters for just over 650 boys from Grade 00 to Grade 12, and also offers an Enrichment Year. Graeme College offers its students the rare opportunity of beginning and completing their entire school career in the same setting. Because of the single structure, there is a unique atmosphere at the school.

Graeme College is a traditional boys-only school with a rich heritage. Emphasis is laid on commitment, hard work, involvement, sportsmanship and the positive development of all who pass through the school’s doors. The College's motto “Virtute et Opera” (through courage and hard work) is the underpinning value encouraged for all activities.

At Graeme we attempt to foster an atmosphere where respect for the rights of all people are paramount, while encouraging individual boys to appreciate that they have certain duties and obligations to the society of which they are part.

Our learners are very important to us and we are privileged to see them grow from small pre-school learners into strapping young men ready to take their place in society.  There are so many opportunities given at this amazing school and, ultimately, it is the wish of all staff to see the men of Graeme College striving to make the best of these in their quest to reach their full potential.

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CSA Newsletter - On The Bus

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Marais Field Changing Facility

Graeme College currently does not have any change room facilities on Marais Field, which is extensively used during Summer and obvious Winter fixtures.

This would also include toilet facilities for supporters, as well as a tuckshop area and a braai facility. Currently parents put up an ‘army tent’ each Saturday to braai and sell goods. The main focus though is an area for home and visiting teams to change.

It is possibly the most needed facility on our campus. It will make an enormous difference to supporters and boys of Graeme College.

Make a Difference, Support the Marais Field Complex

Marais Field Plans